2017-2018 State of Georgia State Awards

The state awards program has been revisited this year to provide a focus on service that is tied directly to the statewide and LCI initiatives.   Rather than asking that clubs complete applications, the state awards committee will use data submitted into MyLCI from each club secretary to enter the clubs into the appropriate categories.  This allows ALL clubs that are in good standing the opportunity to be rewarded for their service efforts.

Clubs will be contacted to ask if they would like to sponsor an award.

The awards will focus on service hours entered into MyLCI throughout the Lions year from July 2017-May 15th, 2018.  Categories will include: Lions Camp, Lighthouse, Leaderdog, Southeast Guide Dogs, Learning Ally.  Other submissions include: Electronic Scrapbook, Paper Scrapbook, Printed Newsletter, Electronic Newsletter and Social Media.  Details of each of those to follow on their categories below.

Awards given for the Second Century Platform will be: Vision, Hearing, Diabetes Awareness, Pediatric Cancer (Youth), Environment and Hunger.  A special award will be given for work in the category of LCIF for club with the most money donated to LCIF for the 2017-18 year.

Eligibility: All State of Georgia Lions Clubs in Good Standing

Application Process: See Each Award

Deadline: May 15th unless otherwise specified in the award details

All Awards will be given during the 2018 State Convention

Each category will have a Winner and a Runner Up

*The Anne Sullivan, Outstanding Blind, Outstanding Deaf and Golden Chain have not changed.  Please visit the Georgia Lions Website for those applications.

Second Century Platform Awards

For all awards in the Second Century Platform, the following applies:

  1. Service Hours must be made on a regular basis for service projects in the following LCI categories:
    • Youth (pediatric cancer)
    • Hunger
    • Diabetes Awareness
    • Vision
    • Environment
  2. Regular basis is defined as: entering all service projects each month.
  3. Awards in this Platform begin on July 1, 2017 and end on May 15th, 2018.
  4. Points will be given and calculated by the number of service hours per member so that all clubs will be treated evenly, regardless of the number of members.  In this manner, it will not be necessary to have awards for the size of the clubs.  There will be a winner and a runner up for each category which will be based on Lions service hours.
  5. For the clubs to be successful, it will be important that clubs correctly enter any and all service projects and the hours associated with those hours into MyLCI.  Club Secretaries as well as the new Global Club Service Coordinators can assist to be sure those are entered in a timely fashion.
  6. Rather than offering plaques, the awards will be donations on behalf of the winning club for their State project of choice: the Camp, the Lighthouse, Learning Ally or LCIF.

Scrapbook Awards

Both electronic and bound scrapbooks should present a variety of detail about Club, its history or period in time which is being captured and presented.  It is up to the creators as to what time period will be captured and how it will be presented.

  • Scrapbooks must bear the Club’s name in the opening slide for electronic or page in bound presentation
  • Only one Scrapbook per Club will be allowed.  It must either be electronic or bound.

Digtal Scrapbooks

  1. USB Flash Drive is the preferred format for electronic scrapbooks.
  2. The size of the scrapbook must not be larger than 1GB.
    1. The media should include historical documents (pictures, printed material, news clippings, ) or anything that shows the history of the club. Scrapbooks will be judged on how well your presentation reflects your club and how it is presented
      throughout. Plan to include special events.  Be sure to date and label the material. Include pictures that depict
      items of interest from events. Add captions and/or labels so you tell a story about your club. Include personal touches to tell your story.
  3. Scrapbook program should be submitted in one of the following formats:  Powerpoint, a website dedicated to the scrapbook, a digital scrapbook program such as Smilebox, Shutterfly, etc.
  4. Scrapbook USB must be submitted on the first day of the State Convention, 2018.

A helpful resource: http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Digital-Scrapbook


Traditional Bound Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks should include historical documents (pictures, printed material, news clippings, activities) or anything that shows the history of the time period you have selected to highlight for your club)

Scrapbooks will be judged on content, organization, originality, creativity and neatness.
Scrapbooks will be judged on how well your presentation reflects your club and how it is presented
throughout. Plan to include special events, date and label the material. Include pictures that depict
items of interest from events. Add captions and/o labels so you tell a story about your club. You may wish to include
personal touches to tell the story.

Social Media

Because social media is such a vital communication tool in today’s society, it is one of the most important ways of reaching new prospective Lions.  To further this goal, we have added an award category for the club with the best use of social media for the purpose of communicating and promoting Lionism to grow their club, their District and Lions in general.


Here are the guidelines for submission followed by the judging criteria:

You may only submit 1 social media platform per club for the contest.  The following is a list of appropriate social media to be submitted:




Submissions will be made by inviting each member of the 2nd VDG team to the appropriate social media team when you would like them to begin monitoring your content.

Social media accounts will be judged on the following:

  • Following and connecting with other community organizations, leaders and the general public to spread the word about their club.
  • Sharing photos of their recent activities to show the world how they’re serving the community.
  • Keeping current members updated and informed about upcoming projects, meetings and events.
  • Attracting new and young members.
  • Staying up-to-date with Lions Clubs International news and programs by following LCI’s social media accounts.

Judging will begin as soon as all 4 of the 2nd VDG’s have been invited to the club’s Social Media page (to be confirmed by an email from the State Awards Chair) and end May 15th, 2018.



Newsletters are a critical form of communication in Lions.  The State wants to reward the best Newsletters in each category, Printed and Electronic.  Newsletters will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of information to the Lions community
  • Presentation of newsletter (appearance, spelling and grammar)
  • Updates or information regarding the District, State or LCI
  • Novel or creative ways to communicate with Lions or the community
  • Regularity the Newsletter is published

To submit an entry for your club, please do the following:

  1. include a copy of your club’s BEST newsletter from this year;
  2. information about how often your newsletter is published & why your club chose that regularity
  3. the name of your newsletter editor
  4. comments that make your newsletter unique
  5. why you feel your newsletter should win


Electronic must be submitted by May 15th and emailed to 2nd VDG David Crawford at david@legalpatriot.com.

Paper (PRINTED) newsletters which are mailed to Lions must be printed and submitted to 2nd VDG David Crawford at the State Convention by the 1st day of the Convention.



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